5 years ago today... | personal

{My Hubby & I | Kimberly Crest Park, Redlands, CA | July 14, 2007} 5 years ago today Lawson Moore proposed to me on the shores of Puerto Galera, a small island an hour's boat ride off of Manila Bay, Philippines. It was pretty picture perfect. We even had a double rainbow show up minutes before he got down on one-knee and everything. It was the first time we kissed. It was the most awkward ALL-TEETH kinda kiss because I was smiling so big. I'd tell the whole story, but it really is way better if I act it out for you. So I guess we'll just have to meet. And then  I'll give you the blow-by-blow with all antics, hand-motions and sound effects included. :) ...p.s. Dear Husband, you rock my face off.  | lkm

mmmm. love sure does ripen over the years. i look at this picture moments before he popped the question and think to myself, 'oh the things you will learn and grow to love evermore..."