Raising Kids | personal

{Judah & Daddy | The plethora of faces we have trained our kids to crank out on the spot | Downtown Tucson, AZ | November 2011} We've had an interesting schedule the past couple months. While Lawson waits to have more hours added to his plate at Starbucks, he's provided me with a generous amount of 'work days' to continue working on photography and developing relationships with fellow photographers and vendors in Arizona. While I love being able to get my productive 'working girl' fix throughout the week, I count the enormous blessing of having this man be my kid's father. He is goofy. He is bizarre. He is passionately in love with his family and dedicated to spending time and providing as darn best he can....And he's raising his kids to love each other. It really is a pretty beautiful thing. | lkm

my gosh. these kids are awesome :)