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{ Judah & Jordyn | one radon day in april | Tucson, AZ | April 2012} I found a grip of family pictures in my abyss of 'personal pictures to edit later' stash. Lawson snagged these few while on a daddy-date with the kids a few months ago. The picture above of my daughter, Jordyn, makes me smile. This chick is SO girl--neither Lawson or I can  get over it. (note--she went through three outfits before being content with the below. destination? a walk around the block with dad. (roll of the eyes). Judah is equally all boy. And while sometimes the differences between both of my children can spark explosive results, they are in a pretty rad 'he's my favorite playmate' stage. Judah protects her. Jordyn streches him to be more daring. They squabble. They wrestle. They giggle their brains out. For all you moms of ONE out there--having TWO is SO much easier. So much more fun. :D I know. Weird. You can choke on your drink if you'd like thinking i'm crazy. But i'm not joking....It just MAKES sense to see them grow together. Learn together. Resolve fights together. Now THREE...(gulp) that might be another story. and in three+ months. my tune might just change a little...for now, i'm embracing all there is in a growing quiver. :) | lkm