David + Ali | Downtown Urban Engagement Session | Arizona Wedding Photographer

{David & Ali | Downtown Tucson Engagement Session | August 2012} David and Ali were a riot. I haven't met a groom so willing to dish back my subtle (???) sarcasm and within moments I knew the shoot was going to be a fun one. We met at a starbucks near downtown just to talk shop about wedding details, timeline, thoughts and ideas about photography...We bonded. We laughed. We made a few mild jests at each other's personal beliefs and life decisions. So random. So not what I was expecting. Pretty hilarious. Honesty is golden though--raw, bona fide authenticity--I love. And with that fun beginning, we dove right in...on of their favorite hot spots is Hotel Congress. We had to grab a few shots on the footsteps... Thank you guys for such a fun shoot! Can't wait to talk more wedding stuff with you!