Paul + Samantha | Tucson Engagement Session | Agua Caliente

{Paul + Samantha | Agua Caliente, Tucson, Arizona | July 2012} Paul and Sam are a hoot! I love how candid Samantha was on the phone when I first called her to tell her she had won a 'Save the Date' Mini Session after attending the Tucson Bridal Event Expo earlier in June. She flat out inquired, "uhm, are you going to make me sit through some sort of seminar or buy something or--or--???" "Heck No!" was my reply. The last first impression I want to leave with somebody is a photographer trying to 'sell' them. I assured her, "I simply want to woo you. I will treat you. I will shoot you. I will ask you sincere, excited questions about your wedding because I am actually genuinely interested. I will not obligate you to purchase anything or even put that awkward pressure on you thereafter so you book me for your wedding. I won't hound you with silly emails. I want to simply introduce you to how I work--my style; my brand; me. Hook you up with awesome pictures. Treat you to a fun date out with a collection of memories. Take it or leave it--me. And it's free. My treat." Samantha replied, "Oh! Well, that sounds awesome!" Me: "I'm so glad we're on the same page!" | lkm

Note: the day after our shoot, Paul emailed, "Thanks again for being yourself on Monday Laura. Your first impression went a very long way. And what your first impression didn't cover, your work certainly made up for it. As a designer myself, I can say that you do have great skills that set you apart from the competition.. :)" (grin).... While i try to figure out what my first impression didn't cover, I'm pretty sure their wedding in November is going to be hilarious, spunky, awesome and really, really fun. :) woot woot! | lkm