Neal + Connie | Modern Chic Downtown Tucson Engagement Session

 {Neal + Connie | Downtown Tucson Engagement Session | Tucson Wedding Photography} We made it to downtown promptly during Friday's rush hour and had to race a quickly setting sun amidst the war (cough) i mean, construction zone that is down there. Streets were closed, parking spots were packed (because apparently Tour De Tucson is a big deal), and I was getting a lil' nervous about finding a stellar backdrop and making it all 'work'...and then i caught myself--your focus is FIRST people, not places. I watched Neal & Connie respond and react, enjoy each other and laugh freely. We even made a grungy parking lot look like a light-pool filled with bougainvillea! Ta Da! (pause) (debating in my head wether to go that extra measure of goes...)

To be honest, I have never felt so disheveled before a photo session. I'm back from maternity leave and figuring life out -- balancing three little ones  and (thankfully)enjoying a good photography work load while figuring out a system to make both hats fit. Being able to release these highlights is sheer relief. We did it!! Come rain or shine, babies or sleepless nights, there is grace and pictures are glowing across the screen right now! New lovebirds are being captured and put on display and I'm so excited to share these two with you! | lkm

the 'look we're so fun!' series on  4th avenue... she had a nintendo shirt. he had a startreck shirt. bomb. dude, they SO got into that jump...