Andy + Autumn | Cowboy Meets Cowgirl | Tucson Engagement Session | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0002{Andy + Autumn | Cowboy Meets Cowgirl | Tucson Engagement Session | Arizona Wedding Photographer | Make Up & Hair Artist: Dana Buchanan} Autumn specifically contacted me because she said, 'i loved your website! it was clean. simple. and your images were beautiful.' AWESOME SAUCE. I've been processing brand identity behind the scenes for awhile now. I'm keeping things clean and simple until i figure it out. And apparently that's just fine because i got to meet, greet and laugh with two awesome little love birds who were precious to shoot. Her gentleness with him was my favorite part. Autumn adores Andy. And I can just tell it makes him walk 10 feet taller. He adores her back. And it makes her eyes dance like a million sunbeams...(grin)...too sappy for you? feast your eyeballs then and swoon later. | lkm

Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0003(above) she made those cute little placks herself. so crafty. i'm pretty jealous of craft people ya know. :) (below) Seriously. Her skin is flawless! I went to go do air brushing...and i was like, "uhm...well, i guess i could...nope. not really..."... Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0004Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0001 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0005 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0006 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0007 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0008this next series in the orange trees are some of my favorites. he just holds her...and she drinks in his embrace.Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0009 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0010 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0011 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0012 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0013 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0014 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0015 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0016 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0017 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0018a boy and his gun...and his girl. :)Tucson-Engagement-Session-Agua-Caliente-Laura-K-Moore-Wedding-Photography_0019 Andy is going to be deployed soon. Not sure where. Not sure when. Not sure for how long. But by golly, this will just have to be their FIRST of many sweetheart day we're gonna have ourselves a WEDDING! Love you guys! | LKM