Arizona Wedding Photography | Catalina Foothills Private Estate | Inspiration: Hippies, Biceps and Burlap | Part One

Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0026{Arizona Wedding Photography | Catalina Foothills Private Estate | Inspiration: Hippies, Biceps and Burlap}

Brent & Erica are beasts. They love the outdoors, thrive in physical activity, boast of outdoing eachother's push-up count--the first conversation I had with them immediately turned to Erica's emphatic insistence that humans have simply forgotten that were were designed to run and 50 miles is no biggee. riiiiight... They are a hoot. And madly in love. Since they actually had a destination wedding in Tucson and had to plan their wedding long-distance from Colorado, Erica's mom and aunt were the wedding planners. I met with them first and legitimately choked on coffee the entire time because I was laughing so hard. Laughter just runs in the veins of these people. It's incredible. I was STOKED to be able to capture the laughter on such a special day...They warned me prior to meeting Erica...'she's no frills. totally relaxed. no crazy demands. pretty hippie'...and when I met the bride-to-be--ms. blue eyes and blonde dreads  she simply said..."Just do your thing. I'm not even sure what I want...except that people are happy; that we look happy--stay happy." And to quote one of my movies: "Their happy was so very LOUD." | lkmTucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0008Erica had these awesome uber-hippie  sandals made from scratch. real leather. tanned and stained just for her.Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0009 she also wore her grandma's pearls and kept an heirloom of a hankerchief with her throughout the dayTucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0002Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0005 the prelude to the whole shibang was awesome. so chill. sisters hanging out with cousins. it was great! Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_000412_04_28_MOORE-158 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0011 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0012Erica was such a fun bride!Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0013 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0014 Lori, mom, is an amazing mom. She pretty much made me cry just watching her get weepy throughout the day. Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0015And then they had a first look tender and special. They couldn't WAIT to be together that morning. And as soon as she, literally, flew up into his arms, it was like a very definitive "start" switch was flipped. like the day had officially started and they were going to be side by side the whole way through. Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0035Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0037Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0036 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0020 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0021 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0022 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0023 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0024biggest. bouquet. ever. Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0025 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0027 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0028 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0030Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0029they totally insisted on this pose...boys, boys, boys. (props to my 2nd shooter Tony Bernardo for snatching this shot below) Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0034 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0031Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0032 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0033Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0018Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0066Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0019(check back for PART TWO tomorrow!)