Kristen J. Dalton | Celebrity Wedding Photography | Beverly Hills Bridal & Boudoir Portraits

Beverly-Hills-Bridal-Portraits_0013{ Kristen J. Dalton | Celebrity Wedding Photography | Miss USA 2009 | SLS Beverly Hills Bridal /Boudoir Portrait Session}

This girl couldn't have made my job much easier. :) The ease and finesse of posing and experience as a model made shooting a dream. Kristen is a sweetheart and when she called to set up details for a bridal/boudoir portrait session a week before her wedding, I jumped into high-gear to make sure pieces fell into place and we'd get the images ready in time for her wedding day! We weren't sure where to do the shoot...and then Kristen's text early Monday morning went like this..."WE GOT IT! THE SLS IS AVAILABLE! WERE IN!" This creme dela creme of a hotel is JAW-DROPPING. My public repertoire is a bit limited for this shoot, (I don't often make boudoir images public. Those are for "his eyes only" if you catch my drift) but here are a few highlights from Kristen's  Bridal / Boudoir session ... :) | lkm Beverly-Hills-Bridal-Portraits_0012Kristen-J-Dalton-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0002Kristen-J-Dalton-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0003

After spending time in the unbelievable 'bazaar' of the SLS, we were led to the black and white VIP suites where we spent a good 2 hours nailing a pretty incredible BOUDOIR experience. I can only give you a few discreet 'peeks'...(note the HUGE CROWN CHANDELIER hanging in the background)...fave.Kristen-J-Dalton-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0008 Kristen-J-Dalton-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0009Kristen, thank you for being wonderful. flexible. gracious. And Claire, partner-in-awesomeness, I'm so glad Kristen asked you to come be there for this shoot. You were the best production assistant ever. You helped put her at ease and I'm pretty sure I'm going to hire you for my future LA sessions as comedic relief and lamp holder. Who else would be cozy enough to grab onto my arse as i'm precariously perched above bride...Just saying.  | LKM