Raising Daughters | personal

{THROW BACK THURSDAY GUYS :D | December 2011} This blog has been saved in my drafts and was never posted. Who woulda guessed that 2.5 years later...the bonding between she and I would jump into a whole new chapter. Since Judah has started kindergarden, I get undivided (sorta. Jericho is still present. but he's just a stinkin' happy baby that he's not much trouble most of the time :D. knock on wood...) attentioned with my little girl. She loves doing nails, going shopping, trying on every dress in her closet at least once a day, brushing my hair, watching ballerinas, drawing/painting...she's her own little person. One that I have done very little to shape in these little details. (i mean, if i had had my way, she'd already have kleets on and be throwin' down some rugby moves). Nevertheless, the weight of speaking truth, grace, beauty on the inside, joy in other people, guarding her heart...is HUGE. Overwhelming. And i relish the moments that I can have conversations. Isolated and focused. Slow down to hear her thoughts...and actually care.