Merry Christmas from the Moore Family | 2013


Merry Christmas! Here are a few highlights from my home to yours!

  1. TUCSON is growing on us. We’ve been here for almost 3 years and we took a tally of a few of our favorite things: incredible sunsets, terrific weather 9 months out of the year (we EARN them with our blistering summers), gourmet pizza parlor The Heist, Greek restaurant Opa, a nearby state park 10 minutes down the road that give us our green grass & palm tree fix, monsoon season, cheapo theater, desert textures that Lawson is determined to capture photographically, and our local gym whose kids club workers dote on our kids every morning.
  2. STARBUCKS.  It’s a great company to work for. Lawson’s has learned learned more about himself personally and professionally in this one year than all of his professional experience combined. We are thankful for the sandpaper experiences; hard but good.
  3. SECOND MILE. Our new church in Tucson rocks our world. We love the people and the heart that make up Second Mile. We have been impressed by their tangible love for Tucson and passion to raise up ‘the next generation’ well. There are a million talented friends at the church that are super fun to serve alongside and families that are in the “raising-little-people” trenches with us. It is because of Second Mile that we chose to stay in Tucson. It has changed our lives.
  4. PHOTOGRAPHY continues to blossom and take on new shades of joy. A collection of exciting opportunities this past year have jump-started a whole new stage of credibility, provision and artistic development. You can track with our photography adventure at!
  5. JUDAH is 5 ½ and started kindergarden this year. It was a rough start at first but watching him flourish with new friends and constructive activities and routine was extraordinary. He LOVES it.
  6. JORDYN turns 4 in a couple weeks and has thrived with her quality time with mom while Judah is in school. Her favorite hobbies are drawing, cutting up paper to make her own confetti of sorts (we still don’t get it), singing a few particular pop songs at the top of her lungs. We recently upgraded to a super off-key version of “I love you Lord” that will rock your face off.
  7. JERICHO turned 1 in September and is quickly earning the nickname JBAM (his initials). He will swing from jovial go-lucky to volatile terror faster than you can say “BAM BAM”. His laugh is the light of our family and Judah & Jordyn can’t get enough of him (that is, when Jericho hasn’t latched on teeth-clenched to Jordyn’s Barbie’s head or steel-gripped to Judah’s curls) SO. FUN.

Merry Christmas! We hope your 2014 is full of hope and joy!