Honoring Sarah | LKM Second Shooter, Detail Master, Friend & Artist

Sarah was one of my primary second shooters for the last couple years. Her eye, her gentle presence, her willing hands and heart have been a joy to work with. Today it's Sarah's birthday and I wanted to honor her. her craft. the time she has spent investing into LKM and the couple's we have aimed to serve well and shoot beautifully. :) We have quite a few stories from shooting together. A few inside jokes and lots of hilarious stories--but most joyfully, she has been a gracious partner and team mate! She has been my memory, my water provider, my caddy and my human tripod. She has stood on precarious ledges, endured awkward groomsmen on the dance floor, and been there to catch moments behind my back; the unseen, the quiet and the hidden. 

Sarah. You are precious. Your story, your heart, your seeking interest in things that are beautiful and true.

You are an artist. You see things through eyes that are ever curious and inquiring; patient, humble and teachable. 

Your hands make beautiful things. You friendship has been precious. Your companionship these past couple years made this adventure more beautiful. more fun. more meaningful... the last 2 years of the LKM wedding portfolio is better because of you.  We have been honored to have you shoot with us and be part of our team. :) Love you friend!

And since no post is complete without a few pictures, here are a few special shots of Sarah while in Oregon last summer.  We were in the PNW for a destination wedding in Astoria, Oregon. (Go HERE for the behind-the-scenes of that PNW adventure and HERE to see highlights from the Oregon destination wedding)