Matt + Marcy: "Alice in Wonderland" Whimsy & Snapdragons, Agua Linda Farm Wedding | Part One

What do you get when two artists/graphic designers get married?

Creative overload; details galore; an "Alice in Wonderland" themed wedding that kept us jaw-dropped the whole day. Flowerbeds. Daffodils and larger-than-life Snapdragons. Pocket watches. Bronze trinkets. Antique chandeliers suspended from ivy. An incredible farm in the middle of Nowhere, Arizona with more sunbeams, butterflies and whimsy than I knew what to do with. (I was positive Anne of Green Gables was going to come out of a nook or cranny and belt poetry at any moment...)

Nearly every detail was designed/collected/hand-crafted by the bride and her ensemble of friends and family who helped create this wonderland.