Bryce + Caroline: Sunbeams & Cartoon Clouds | Desert Engagement Session

Spring was sprinkled in patches, I stepped on a gnarly, dead barrel cactus, we navigated barbed wired and ragweed, and the clouds could have been painted with a disney paintbrush and we wouldn't have known the difference. Caroline's fantastic lace dress was a striking contrast against the sharp contours of the desert. We were wrapping up and heading back to our original meeting spot when the sunset hit it's prime. And despite the clutter of evening traffic and construction, they willingly frolicked into the middle of the street, let romance ooze...then dashed back averting eye-contact from the police man who had inched up behind us. We high-fived each other, waved at the friendly honks and hoots driving by, pow-wowed over a few wedding details and called it an evening. Can't wait for this couple's Scottsdale wedding next month! 

Now excuse me while i go nurse a few cactus battle wounds.