Joey + Christiana | Motorcycles, Green Trails & Railroads: Milwaukee Engagement Session | Destination Wedding Photographer

A little background...Last May I was in Wisconsin and I never got to share the images from that weekend.

I went to school with Joey in the Philippines 14 years ago. It was incredible to hear pieces of the journey into manhood that has ripened his strong soul since i last saw him. He and his sweetheart Christiana were getting married the day after they graduated college. (Efficient right?! :) Due to crazy schedules we decided to actually shoot their engagement session the day AFTER their wedding. One amazing 3 days of life changing experiences and I got to be a part of it. Watch it unfold before me. Capture the pieces that caught my attention. 

Joey & Christiana wanted to shoot their engagement session in a park where they often went running. The meandering paths amid abandoned railways and the nostalgic buzz of cicadas were still and welcoming. The sheer amount of green and fortitude found in the trees was effortless; everywhere. 

We ended our time out on a bike route that Joey & Christiana often frequented to detox from their studies. Their keen sense of adventure is ripe with expectation and I'm confident that the few fist pumps and longing looks captured below tell a story that has only just begun. | LKM