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LKM Give-Away Contest | and the winner is...

This is how giddy i feel.... {Joelle Angulo | Riverside, CA } The past 2ish weeks I've had a give-away contest going on. See HERE for the skinny. There were 5 ways to enter. 35 people got in on the fun and 55 entries were picked from! So without much more ado...

Congratulations KAITIE BOYKO, from southern California. I am excited to give you a LKM Mini-Session Gift Certificate redeemable any time in 2012! :)

One other prize I wanna dish out is a 'thank you' to the most active and zealous participant BECCA BRINKLEY who not only entered the contest in all 5 ways possible, but she got her husband and a few friends in on it, AND actually wrote a spiffy poem to boot.  You can read it HERE. You're sweet becs :)

Thank you for taking part and keepin' up with all this craziness! Merry Christmas!

LKM Session Give-Away!

I LOVE Christmas!!! And I've been itching to do this GIVE-AWAY to celebrate!

There are 5 ways you can enter the GIVE-AWAY!

(1) 'SHARE' the 'LKM Gift Certificate AD' on my FB wall with a personal endorsement for LKM. (Note: Don't re-post the image. Don't copy and paste. "SHARE." That way I can track everybody who 'shares.') Your 'share' will be (1) amazing entry into the Give-Away.

(2) "ATTEND" the LKM Mini-Session Give-Away Event on Facebook! = (1) entry

(3) If you have ever had pictures taken by LKM, POST your favorite image on the Give-Away EVENT wall. = (1) entry

(4) LEAVE A COMMENT under the image posted on facebook with a link to your own personal blog about LKM Christmas Gift Certificates about being the best stocking stuffer ever. Your blog post will count as (1) entry.

(5) WRITE a rap/rhyme/limerick/haiku/novel that hails the awesomeness of LKM Photography and why you are personally a HUGE fan. POST THIS on your blog/website/facebook wall and then POST the LINK to your WORK on the Give-Away EVENT wall and/or directly below! :) :) Your written accolades will count as (1) entry.


(1) LKM Gift Certificate for a 2012 LKM Signature Mini Portrait Session!

LKM Signature Mini Session Value: $150

Christmas Gift Certificate Cost: $50

Winner Announced December 23rd, 2011

Gift Certificate Valid January 2012 | Expires: 2013

Papa Family & Co | Tucson Family Photography | Agua Caliente

{Papa Family & Co | Holiday Portrait Session | Agua Caliente Tucson, AZ | November 2011} I met Andrea (Papa) Malinowski over the summer at Tucson Refugee Ministry's Kids Camp 2011. Her servants heart and incredible patience with her kids were the things that most struck me about this woman. It almost bothered me. I repeatedly wondered, 'how is it POSSIBLE to be so cheerful, giving, endlessly energetic and willing to serve with FIVE KIDS IN TOW??!' But her kids are great, her family is incredible, and her husband Chris leads with a joy and gentleness that warmed my heart so much. With her extended family visiting from out of town,  we nailed a large family session over the Thanksgiving weekend to capture the bonding and captivating spirit of these sweet new friends. | lkm

I love how the girls are thrilled and the 2 little boy look....confused. :) Little Isaiah is probably one of the cutest kids I've ever laid eyes on. Matthew had enough energy for all of us...and then some! Elizabeth was a more quiet subject...but when we got her up in a tree and playing with cousins, she lit up! Like Father like son Grandma & Grandpa seemed delighted to snag a few sweet memories with the kids.When i stole them away for a few sweetheart pics, they jumped right in--no hesitations, no whining, no complaining that they were too old to be romantic. They just smooched away. And i giggled (very professionally mind you) the whole time.There were 3 generations of Joe's. You can only imagine how hard--and hilarious--that makes directing when doing a family photo session.Medium Joe's family was stinkin' cute.  Our attempt to take pictures with the dog (his name escapes me. probably 'joe') despite the fact that there was a flock of ducks waddling directly behind me. I tried to explain that they were not conducive to a photo shoot, but they just quacked at me. the nerve.Andrea, you may never really understand how, even in our short time as friends, you have taught me -- modeled for me -- much about grace. I hope we are friends for a very long time.

Appleman Family | Tucson Family Photographer | Agua Caliente

{Appleman Family | Agua Caliente, Tucson, AZ | November 2011} This is my favorite time of the year when it comes to photography. I get to hang out with families like the Applemans and laugh my socks off over the funny things that happen during our time together. With this session, Lucy was our laugh. She brought her 'game face' to the shoot and just kept 'em coming. :) Such a treat to take spend some time with you Applemans!

Headed to Florida. . .

{ The Elusive Egret; The only flippin' picture i finally snagged | Dunnellon, FL | October 2011}

Last fall, almost exactly a year ago, my daughter and I packed our bags and shot over to my favorite little river city of Dunnellon, Central Florida. It was a whirlwind trip packed with a grip of fun portrait sessions and short-but-sweet reunions with relatives (my mom's side of the family lives there). I was giddy over the tree moss and the cool backdrop the Rainbow River provided. I swear the sky is bigger in Florida and it's sunsets are breathtaking. I tried to snag a few shots of water cranes, otters and even alligators that come to play in front of my Grandma's house. It was tough and i wasn't fast enough most of the time...which makes me REALLY excited that i get to return this October! So yes, rumor's true. LKM is headed to Florida and will be there for the month of October ! Go HERE for more details :)

Rock the Frock | Senior Sessions Revamped!

 {AZ Portrait Promo | Payton Stauch Senior Portrait Session | October 2010}

It's that time. Seniors have started their final stretch, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the hallelujah chorus is playing gently but progressively louder. I offer and insist you consider a different approach to senior portraits this year. Step aside from the stiff poses, the typical backdrops and the tilted chins. Instead, don your favorite knickerbockers, assemble the most memorable props from highschool, add a dash of creativity and bring some personality! Consider making it a group event and grab your besties from highschool to do a group photo shoot and make it a fun, memorable affair! You'll capture highschool and preserve this stage of your life with so much flare--(sigh)--it makes me jealous.

Feeling inspired? Contact LKM and we'll plan that raddest senior sesh that'll make the rest of your classmates drool. Muaa aa aaa.

P.S. Group rates apply so the more peeps you assemble the more pennies you save for that rad college car.

P.P.S  Just in case I wasn't quite clear, I suggest you consider booking...uhm, now. October is gonna get crazy... :)