Dan + Erin | Vintage-Inspired Downtown Tucson Engagement Session | Pt.1

{Dan + Erin | Vintage-Inspired Downtown Tucson Engagement Session | January 2012} Planning this shoot with Erin was a blast. There was a grip of giggly emails passed back and forth with 40s hair-dos, accessories, ideas and inspirations. We planned to meet an hour early so i could plan out the 'storyboard' of the afternoon extravaganza. We assessed our collection, kept the looks softly inspired, downed a good solid cup of blond (nods to Starbucks baristas), applied (nervously) that darn long-last lipstick stuff three times before getting it just right, touched up Erin's soft curls, oggled Dan's impressive collection of caps and suspenders, and hit the road!

these highschool sweethearts are so comfortable with each other :) I didn't even tell her to pop that heel :)Love this reflection image... I started to say something like...'Hey Dan, could you give me a flirty lean and-- and then I stopped talking because they just melted right into eachother. No instructions needed. The way she looks at him... a bit o' bliss... this whole series made me laugh so much. Dan is just so stinkin' goofy. Oh and this is just the beginning. Check back on Friday for part 2 of Dan and Erin's e-session... I know. I know. I'm mean aren't I. It's worth the wait though. If that makes you feel any better :)