Playin' Dirty | Tucson Mom | personal

{My kids | Tucson, AZ | January 2012} Activities are a hard thing for me. Creating new things for the kids can sometimes give me stomach aches. I'm not sure why. I'm not sure what the big deal is inside of me head. Am I really so competitive or obsessive that I feel the pressure of making sure each day is impressively packed with the most amazing mommy activities so i get to brag about them to my husband at the end of the day? Seriously. I sometimes think that. 'Oh fantastic mother you--how wonderful you were to endure an hour of play-doh. your husband with smother you with lavish gifts and acolades for being such a giver.' How lame Laura. Really. What if i could just GET the fact that Judah and Jordyn just wanna let loose a little and have fun? Doesn't need a name, a structure, rules or even pictures to prove we did it. What if a mere mound of dirt would be the highlight of their day? I don't know why this toddler stage stresses me out so much. Its a conundrum. But this particular day i stifled the anxiety about an extra load of laundry, shoes full of sand and an uncomfortable dirt-filled bathtub later and tried to get down n' dirty WITH them. (after i put the camera away). ta da. | lkm