LEO | Tucson Newborn Portraits

{Leo | Backyard Newborn Portriats | Tucson, AZ | December 2011} I don't do very many newborn sessions. Newborn photography is a whole amazing ball game on its own. Props to the pros and mommies who patiently wade through 3 hours of nursing, coddling, nuzzling, adjusting, stripping, dressing and working in a room 10 degrees warmer to assure that the babe feels most comfortable and stays asleep long enough to get the perfect perch of the head, curl of the toes, tuck of the legs and maybe even a lil' yawn while wearing that perfect hoodie to nail that amazing newbie portrait that'll grace the walls, wallets and wedding day slideshow in years to come. (breath) now, while you recover from that rediculously insane run-on sentence, I share with you a mini backyard session I had with a local Tucson family for their first grandbaby, LEO. It was a quick session. Minimal props. And while I focused on capturing little Leo most of all, I have to admit my favorite part was mom and dad's expressions--their wonder, curiosity, fascination, anxiety, fear?? (grin. i know that feeling!)--all of it. The newness, awkwardness, sheer, absolute, unabashed, die-hard love for their new addition--it's brilliant. Such a treasure to be welcomed into these moments. | lkm