Sotello Family | Tucson Baby Portraits

 {Baby Sotello | March 2012 | Tucson, AZ} Little bundles of humanity...babies are really mind-blowing for me. I just can't quite wrap my head around that this ball of helpless awesomeness will one day morph into a man or woman. The level of dependence, reliance, desperate need for training and intentional upbringing--it's overwhelming. And I'm already on #3 and STILL feel like I haven't fully grasped the full length and breadth of my role's significane as mom; a child-rearing, bottom-wiping, snot-swiping, laughter-loving, sleep-needing, patience-building parent. Amos & Dulce let me capture a bit of their little one's first stage and it was a treasure :) -- though, i will secretely admit that i take a meniachal level of deep satisfaction in watching newborn parents. I giggle to myself while I think, 'oh boy...they have only JUST begun...' Cheers to beginnings friends... | lkm