Jesse + Samantha | Southern California Lakeside Proposal | Riverside Wedding Photography

 {Jesse + Samantha | Proposal in the Park | Fairmont Park, Riverside, CA | June 2012} A couple weeks ago I received a sneaky text from Sam asking the sly question, "so would you happen to have December 15th booked yet? I'd like to tentatively, secretly reserve you for a particular occasion..." (smiley face smiley face smiley face). To which i promptly called back with hushed squesls and excitement. It wasn't offical. Nothing was official of course. There was no ring. And that angst was setting in mixed and colored by sheer joy. So i grinned to myself with a sprouting idea, told her timing would be perfect and hung up. I immediately called Jesse and pitched an idea that sounded a little like this, "so, this is going to be way presumptuous of me, but...i'm still gonna go for it. Would you by chance happen to have the ring yet?" He was getting it that Friday. Perfect. "I'm going to be in town to shoot in a few weeks, would you be up to letting me possibly scheme with you??" He was. He did. And i 'sponateneously called Sam the Sunday before my Monday Riverside Mini Shoots, June 18th, and asked if she could whip up a sassy outfit, grab her honey, indulge in a bit o' romance and meet me for a Sweetheart shoot 'just for fun' at the park. She was game of course.

I started off with just a few fun casual portraits. Honestly, Jesse and I hadn't really set up an agenda. So my mind was racing with a gameplan while trying to maintain a really casual front so Sam wouldn't suspect anything :) I love this picture below with that glow behind Sam's gorgeous face and sparkly eyeballs :DI pretended to hem and haw a little looking for a few more spots with fun sunbeams. Asked them if they just wanted to walk along the lake. They were down. We found a secluded peninsula. Perfect. I was able to mutter to Jesse: "the code words will be 'I'm gonna back off and you have to give me a whole 60 seconds of romance..."... So that's what I said. And that's what they did. They talked and snuggled for a little under that darn tree. I couldn't hear anything. I actually started to wonder if Jesse was gonna flip the script and ask for a different spot. Or something... I'm so glad i just shut up and watched and snapped away... (Do note Sam's funny face in that 3rd picture to the far right. You should ask her what choice explitive she used when she got a closer look at the ring. I burst out laughing) Her eyes DANCED! SO excited!! couldn't stop looking at her new bling bling SO stinkin excited for Sam! We trotted back to show Lawson and the kiddos the new finger decor.  I've known Sam for a LONG time! Watching her go from highschool, through college and into adulthood--wrestle with big things, grow with Jesus, meet Jesse and now engaged--sheesh! I'm so overwhelmed with joy for her! Can't wait for your wedding in December dear friend!!