It's My Birthday Month! :D :D :D

 {Mooreguia Sisters | July 2011 | (yes i'm using a recycled bday picture from last year because i haven't taken any personal pictures recently. cry later.) | Tucson, AZ} Had a great birthday weekend...and surprises still continue to show up! Last night, my sister Ali took me out to dinner at Olive Garden (it's becoming a tradition. Note: you MUST check out their new Smoked Mozerella Chicken dish. B O M B) I opened the fridge this morning with my 'birthday cake' welcoming me with its burst of color and awesomeness -- a bona fide FRUIT SALD aside homemade yogurt/carmel topping. Lawson knows me TOO well. :D TOP fave gift however a sweet little email from my husband while out on a bday date Saturday. It had a pdf that was titled: "PERMISSION GRANTED"... He has insisted that i go to this year's WPPI U 2012  intensive workshop in August in VEGAS AND next year's big convention next March. If you don't know what WPPI, go HERE for more details :D Last time i was able to attend was back in 2010. It was awesome! Made new friends. Saw new industry standard stuff. Was challenged to take biz to the next level. Listened to more seasoned pros talk about their take on the industry and what makes a healthy photography business tick. Etc etc etc. Stuff that makes my little entrepreneur  heart drool. THANK YOU MY LOVE. | lkm