Relaxed & Natural Family Portrait Session | Upland, Ca | Lifestyle Portrait Photographer | Mikat Family

Over the years I have been a long-distance fly on the wall watching/hearing snippets of Zac & Stacey's journey as parents, business owners, servants in the church, mentors, a safe haven, an open home; open book. Even from another state, their story of faithfulness has made an impression on me. Stacey has even let me pick her brain about living in a small space, getting toddlers to help with chores, and even being a mom to each child as a person instead of just seeing "mob" "herd" "people", etc.

And speaking of their kiddos, they were incredible for this shoot. They were attentive, responded, listened and laughed. They were also silly, crazy and willing to crank out some super funny personality. I had no real agenda..though I knew  wanted to get a bit of the craziness. A bit of the maneuvering. The "herding" as well as the "loving"...I asked Stacey for some feedback after the session. I'll let her describe the experience for herself!

Wow! Looking through the pictures from our recent family photo shoot with Laura Moore brought tears to my eyes. She captured our family so beautifully and brought each personality to life through her pictures. She was so much fun to work with and kept all of the kids moving and having fun - not always an easy task with six little ones! (LKM) helped us feel natural and comfortable throughout the whole process. She didn't seem to come with set in stone ideas, just let us be ourselves, and then captured our family dynamics in her photos. Her reputation for excellence is well deserved, and I would not hesitate to use her again or refer her to friends. Thanks LKM for providing us with a way to remember a fun age and stage of our family! 


Enjoy! | LKM