An Ethiopian Coffee Picnic / Desert Engagement Session | Tucson/Phoenix Wedding Photographer

We woke up early one Saturday morning, the fog was thick and there was a nip in the air. I arrived before the sun was awake and helped Rahel with some last minute wardrobe details, a few hair/makeup touches, gathered the Ethiopian coffee set, picnic blankets, a red rose, met Brandon and headed for Sabino Canyon--a local state park where they often hiked together.

This blend of opposites is a beautiful thing to watch. Rahel is a close friend of mine. We started meet up together once a week RIGHT around the time she and Brandon started dating. It was slow. Full of caution. Questions. Self-investigation. And then affection and wonder and respect blossomed slowly into this bud of romance...and now they laugh and love so freely. 

Enjoy these images. They really are a window into a love story that makes my heart smile a LOT lately. | LKM

i love you guys. so much! Can not WAIT to PARTAY in JULY!