The morning after....ALASKA.

It is strange to have just been in Alaska. Ordering my double shot short steamed soy latte this morning i stepped out into an 8am 95 degree weather reflecting. Hopping in the car, Judah asks me to tell him the story about black mud that kills people and Jordyn reminds me that there is this place where they have midnight sun. I'm pleased that they remember details from family time last night. I showed them a map of where i went and a few crazy things that i learned about the totally different PLANET of the last frontier. 

While I currently sit and capture my cards I am overwhelmed with gratitude. It was only 4 days but every day the rocks cried out and my heart was moved to sing a tune celebrating the Creator. I did remind Lawson (my husband and best friend) that he should have been with me. Like literally. I had even secretly conspired with his boss to give him the weekend off and i'd steal him away....but long story short it fell through and i had a few moments of notes to self throughout my trip that went like this: "bottle this up" and return with your Love one day. whole family. a month exploring. adventure and adventure well.

In those moments of homesickness, I would shoot a few extra images just to share with him--bottling it up as best as i could. I'd try to slow down and breath the air that smelled like a yankee candle and know that a moose or elk was probably watching. C O O L. I forced myself to get up early and stay up late just so i could capture the creme de la creme lighting -- when the sunset is soft and long and the mountains get smooth and pink and the water sparkles and the whole world seems to slow and have 4 more hours added to joy and breathing. It was new. Different and bizarre. GORGEOUS... 

While i don't have images totally all captured and sorted yet, i did get a few teasers from the wedding. It'll have to be my place holder until i can get some more highlights worked on :). This is the couple that brought me to their home. To capture their people. To go to this distant land with whales and salmon runs and world-renowned road trips so that I could be in their world and capture it.... so honored and so thankful. | LKM