Christe | A precious friend turns 30 and this is my megaphone version of "thank you for being born"

Christe's name means "elegant, graceful, beautiful, princess." (She's probably rolling her eyes right now reading that.) But I'm stickin' to my guns this morning and diving deep to love this friend. She is my opposite in so many ways which has produced numerous growing lessons these past couple years. So different, in fact, that people have often asked how we are such good friends. She laughs--with that gut-authenticated, wide-mouth, melodic chortle of hers--whenever that happens. We often ask ourselves the same thing. 

Christe and her family have become dear friends (nearly FAMILY) to us since being in Tucson. She has taught me much about finding balance in work and life, she serves with ZERO desire to be recognized, she loves quality time to the nth degree and gives the best hugs in the whole world. 

Christe fights for her home and protects the quiet and the special sanctuary of her family as best as she can. She has taught me much about quality over quantity--IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE. From good food to good conversation--she asks loving intuitive questions that dig deep into character. She calls me out on my ish and lets me pry into hers. Being mom's together has been a particularly sweet part of the last 3 years. With different backgrounds, personalities and children, it would be easy to write off our homes and child-rearing topics as "off limits." But the equalizing force of our love for Jesus and deep desire to raise up our kid's hearts for His, draws us to our knees and onto each other's couch post-bed time with a wine glass in hand and a few parenting bruises we may offer on a platter to breathe out and joys to giggle over. 

Christe hates the spotlight (which makes this post ironic). She serves with as little fan fare as possible which sometimes makes it hard to catch her in the act or know how to thank her. I don't always get it right and in our differences i hope I make her laugh with my megaphone-style hugs... It is her 30th birthday today and that's a big deal. I am standing on a soap box sharing with the world how wonderful my friend is. AND SHE IS LOVING EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT. (Sigh) (I can here her magnificent laugh now and I know I'm going to get a charlie horse in the arm for this later.)

Here are a few highlights of their most recent family the end of the day, I really am not sure quite how to convey my love for this lady and gratefulness for the season of life with her and her family. But a quite double date over korean bbq and a few inside laughs and maybe a couple hours to steal her kids away so she can have a solid run alone and quiet time will say more than lots and lots of words... i'll try that tomorrow. love you friend. | LKM :)