Parin + Shiragi | Arizona Indian Wedding | Day 3


The third day of a traditional indian wedding is the most epic and anticipated day! (to see Day One and Day Two go here and here) For our bride and groom, the day started early in the hills of Tucson, Arizona. The girls and guys were getting ready in their separate suits at Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resorts where we found them buzzing around sorting ALL the details and grand ensemble that goes into an indian bride and groom’s wedding wardrobe. We grabbed a few details, navigated some drama, flexed the timeline and brushed off the stress. It was time to get married…


Venue: Westward Look Wydnham Resort Tucson // Photography: Laura K Moore Photography // Videography: Fine Art Productions // Event Design & Decor: MM Celebrations LLC // Grah Shanti, Mehendi, and Garba Hair and Makeup: Blushed by Ish // Wedding Hair and Makeup: Makiaj Beauty // Wedding and Grah Shanti Outfit: Ekaya  // Reception Outfit: Shyamal and Bhumika // Garba Outfit: Swati Manish // Parfum: Valentino // Shoes: “a random stall in india” // Reception Flats: Keds // Rangoli & Other Design Details: Nisha Tailor Interior Designer // Tesla: Turo // Famous Singer & Band: Bhavin Shastri & Group // Famous Flutist- Anis Chandani // Famous Female Vocalist: Dhara Shah // Famous male singer- Dharmesh Chauhan


The groom and his family came riding in on a horse-drawn carriage with his entire family dancing around like crazy in zealous Baraat fashion. Parin made his way to the entrance of the wedding venue and met the Mother of the Bride who applied tilak and performs aarti to rid him of any evil eyes cast upon him. He then waited under the Mandap for Shiragi to exchange garlands—a lively, fun moment followed by a sudden whooping and hollering. “We got them! we got them” was heard from a cluster of bridesmaids. You’ll see below just WHAT extent the bridesmaids were willing to go to steal the groom’s shoes…


The actual wedding ceremony is serious, respectful and attended by all. While the groom waited to see as his bride approached, Iwas taken off guard when i noticed dad’s first look of his daughter. Shiragi and Santosh had an incredibly sweet bond and the presentation of the bride was super emotional for everybody in the room. When the curtain covering Parin was dropped, he choked up and the rest of the ceremony was filled with tears and laughter all mixed together.


The Vidai is a goodbye ceremony of the bride bidding farewell to her family and leaving of her maternal home. It was emphasized that “this was going to be super emotional” as it is considered one of the most sentimental outbursts. Santosh was the last in line to hug his daughter. The tradition is for brother and cousins of the Bride help push the vehicle as an indication of their acceptance of the couple’s new life together and adventure forward. The female friends and relatives of the bride playfully stand in front of the car to “keep them from leaving.” All the symbolism was rich and constantly honoring the family and the life being left behind and the joy they anticipated forward. It was crazy beautiful.


The ceremony was followed by family portraits, then a private lunch and then PREP time for the grand finale — the reception. Set at the Tucson Convention Center, the design and catering team did a phenomenal job serving and keeping the flow of event moving and engaging. With fog machines, light up drums, lazer shows and a massive light-up dance floor…it was an experience for everybody. Bride & groom surprised people with a zealous dance performance but Santosh raise the glass and the bar when the finale included a burst of sparks and fire machines heralded the new life and adventure.

What a privilege to be invited into this crazy intense celebration. Shiragi & Parin, we will FOREVER be greatfull and honored that you and your families trusted the LKM team to come be part of your wedding celebration! What a treasure and highlight of our year! We are excited to see you guys again in July in Chicago!


“Photographers hold tremendously unique roles within a wedding. Typically, they do not personally know anyone on either side, but are still responsible for capturing the most precious moments of two people’s lives. Laura and her team broke this stigma. During our wedding, not only did the LKM team do a fantastic job with their photography, they were family. And when we say “family”, we truly mean some of the most important people at our wedding.

“From Day 1 (and even before the festivities started) Laura and her team showed a supreme interest in (our) wedding. Their excitement and passion only heightened enthusiasm for our special weekend. With every click and with every scream for joy, this wedding hands down would not have been as successful without the LKM photographers. The positivity of the team, the willingness to go above and beyond, and the ability to accommodate all sorts of crazy requests demonstrated professionalism and expertise. Although this was LKM’s first Hindu wedding, they did not show any semblance of confusion and it felt like they had done this type of event a thousand times before…Everyone in both our families has been to hundreds of Hindu weddings in the past, but we can guarantee that no one has ever experienced anything like with Laura and her team. The photographers infused energy, laughter, and vibrancy into every guest. Their aura and presence changed any mood for the better. And do not get us started on the quality of the photos. They are absolutely gorgeous! They embody the true spirit and capture every timeless moment of the weekend. Thank you so much to Laura and her team of excellent photographers for making a huge impact on our wedding! We would highly recommend the LKM team to anyone looking for photographers who genuinely care about their clients and who have the absolute best personalities!” ~ Shiragi, Bride

Amir Thakkar from Fine Art Productions shared this lovely video from their wedding weekend! Enjoy!