University of Arizona | Lifestyle Senior Story | MEGHAN

Meghan and I spent the afternoon perusing favorite spots on campus and pieces of her college story. These lifestyle senior stories are some of my favorite. Milestones celebrated. Transitions anticipated. Relief commemorated. 

I felt so comfortable taking pictures with Laura. I normally have a hard time posing for pictures because I feel awkward and uncomfortable, but Laura made it so easy and fun.Also, LKM has such a light hearted personality that it was easy to just be myself and feel comfortable behind the camera. She really wants to capture the true experience and  I loved the idea of taking a walk through the past four years of my life and relishing in many of my best college memories. ~ Meghan

Congrats Meghan! Thank you for letting me capture this special season! | LKM

thank you for taking me around your stomping pads young lady! Hope this year is full of new joys and discovery! :D | LKM