Ocotillo: Sonoran Desert's "Flaming Sword" | Texture Tuesday

For a plant that is often called the "vine cactus" and used as "fencing" because its spiny arms keep intruders out, the Ocotillo's springtime blooms are amazing bursts of color. It actually goes by other names like Candlewood, Slimwood, Coach Whip or Jacob's Staff. But personally, I prefer "Flaming Sword." Little fiery blossoms of surprise and life. 

It's like people, right? Sometimes you just don't give them enough credit and suddenly they bloom forth and you step back and think, "Wow! and that was inside of you this whole time? Such life!" 

....the desert is ripe with life lessons.

P.S. I want to print the last one particularly large. Like, the size of a headboard in my daughter's room. :)

Ocotillo Buds n' Blossoms | 20 x 40 Metal Panels - Ready to Mount $220 set

Ocotillo Buds n' Blossoms | 20 x 40 Metal Panels - Ready to Mount $220 set

Ocotillo Blossoms | 16 x 20 Fine Art Metal Panel - Ready to Mount $225

Ocotillo Blossoms | 16 x 20 Fine Art Metal Panel - Ready to Mount $225

Ocotillo Blossom | 60 x 40 Fine Art Giclee Canvas | $525 

Ocotillo Blossom | 60 x 40 Fine Art Giclee Canvas | $525 

What if this were printed HUGE and mounted as a headboard? { Texture Tuesday // Sunbeams + Dandylions}

Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0019{What if this were printed HUGE and mounted as a headboard? { Texture Tuesday // Sunbeams + Dandylions} I'm not kidding. I think it would be a pretty epic take on 'accent wall' or 'headboard' display. White sheets, flowy white curtains, a cute green clean plant, a dash of shabby chic here and there...i think i'm about to redecorate my bedroom. | lkm


Jesse + Sam | Southern California Wedding Photographer | Horse Town USA { Inspiration: Country Chic, Pride & Prejudice, Literary Passion & (a dash o') Baby's Breath } PART ONE

{Jesse & Sam | Norco Horse Town USA | Southern California Wedding Photographer | Inspiration: Country Chic & Baby's Breath } I get choked up every time I think about Sam's wedding day. I met this young lady when she was still in highschool. She loved people. She loved life. She loved Jesus with all her heart, mind and soul. It's been a long, arduous road since then to the day I watched her stand before Jesse and vow her life and heart to share with him. The celebration was epic. The joy in the air was contagious. It was a day to give back to this girl who was characterized by giving so much of herself. And it was. absolutely.delightful. My heart continus to sing as i share these highlights. (Note: go HERE to revisit their fun surprise proposal/engagement session earlier last year!) | lkm

Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0003Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0002love her little details. pearls. sparkles. lace toms....Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0004 Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0005 Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0006 Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0007we got all the girls gathered up to go shoot in the hills of Norco....and yes i drooled THOROUGHLY over all that lush, green grass! (yes, i live in desert)Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0012 Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0013 Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0014 Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0015i gave her a sneak peak of these shots and she squeeled, "oh my gosh! it really is just like pride and prejudice!! those rolling hills! Gah!" Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0026then we headed over to the Pawley's house...where she did SO much life; her 2nd home. :)Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0008best friend and MOH time together :)Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0009hashtag: resting, refreshing, sunbeam recharge, etc.Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0010Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0011meanwhile...the guys were  getting their duds on..props to second shooter Emily for helping snag their dapper-ness... :)Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0078 Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0079Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0036Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0024Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0022and then they got ready for their first look :) Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0037Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0038best first look expression ever!Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0039Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0041he was so taken...so tenderNorco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0025Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0030Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0027Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0028Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0029Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0040and then it was PARTAY time with the wedding party!Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0017Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0019 Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0016 Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0020 Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0021Norco-Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer-Country-Chic-Theme-Laura-K-Moore-_0023and this was only the beginning! the awesome prelude! check back for PART TWO!

Texture Tuesday | Blossoms Out of Nowhere!

 {Random plant that sprouted vibrant orange blossoms | evening walk with kids | tucson, AZ | April 2012} I didn't even THINK this plant did anything cool. I mean it's got cute little round leaves and stuff. But otherwise its dry, straight and prickly. However, come April, right down the street where the kids and I periodically walk in the evenings--this plant  strut its feathers.  I have LOVED this past month in TUCSON. Colors are coming out of plants I had passed off as ugly brown, prickly, purposeless plants...(grin) I feel a poignant life-lesson-parallel coming on... | lkm

Texture Tuesday | Palm Blades

 {Palm Leaves | Tucson, AZ | November 2011} There is a lot of brown in Tucson. Of course if you were to ask one of my best friends Alyssa, one of the most die-hard Tucsonans I know, she'd say brown is her favorite color. I'm so not there yet. Meanwhile, here is an almost-green texture of a bushel of lethal palm branches I nearly impaled myself on whilst playing tag with the kids. I know. I'm hard core. | lkm

Texture Tuesday | Blurry night-practice pool lights

 {Texture | Blurry-ized image of pool lights while shooting the Knights Swim Team in Ocala, Florida | October 2011} I'm a huge fan of Trever Hoehne's work. I love the tones and consistent rich brand that characterizes his work. I went to school with the guy. Didn't know him very well. He did help me navigate my first DSLR 4 days before my first wedding shoot. That was cool. Nerve wrecking. But his 5 minute hands-on impromptu explanation of ISO and Aperture and Shutter Speed saved my rear for that wedding. (I know. Bizarre. The backwards way I've learned photography is not something I brag about.) He did a really cool series of art called Blurry Things that made me see the color and fun and art in photography. His stuff was stuff I'd put on my walls. And it made me want to shoot some of my own stuff that I'd be excited about and say, 'hey look! I shot this at a random swim team practice, messed with a few things, broke a few rules, played with it later...and it came out cool!" Thank you Trever for continuing to crank out sweet beauty and raising the bar. Often.| lkm