PT 2 | Joey + Christiana | Barefoot Bride, Katniss Braid, Peaches & Cream | Minooka Park Picnic Wedding

Joey + Christiana // Minooka Park, Waukesha Wisconsin Picnic Wedding // Part Two

If you missed PART ONE of Joey & Christiana's wedding day yesterday, go HERE. Or if you want to start at the beginning, check out their precious Waukesha, Wisconsin engagement session HERE.  

Christiana is a beautiful spirit of a woman. I asked her and Joey to offer their narrative of their wedding day. I'd much rather hear her highlights...especially considering how many little moments she remembered and meant so much to her...Here is their recap...

Guhhhhhh... It's so impossible to pick a favorite moment during the ceremony! The moment that might take the cake though, was between "I now pronounce you man and wife" and "You may kiss the bride..." Adam (the officiant) paused between the two statements and Joey was already leaning in to swoop me up...... haha :)  Joey's favorite moment: "Her coming down the aisle."

We loved how well Laura organized everyone and made us all laugh... no one was sick of the picture-taking because she really made it fun with all her social skills and energy!  As for the photos of just us as a couple after that... We love how well the pictures captured the greenery of springtime in Wisconsin.  We're especially in love with that one taken by the trees and water between "prompts" where neither of us is smiling...!

Stay tuned for PART THREE..