PT 3 | Joey + Christiana | Barefoot Bride, Katniss Braid, Peaches & Cream | Minooka Park Picnic Wedding

Joey + Christiana // Minooka Park, Waukesha Wisconsin Picnic Wedding // Part Three

If you missed PART ONE go HERE or PART TWO go HERE. Or if you want to start at the beginning, check out their precious Waukesha, Wisconsin engagement session HERE.  

Joey + Christiana share their highlights...

The father-daughter dance.  That was one of the best/worst moments of the reception.  My dad and I are extremely close and have been through a lot together.  We were both in tears as we danced to "I Loved Her First..." As a little girl I always told my Daddy I would never get married because I just wanted him to be my man forever. Also...My dad, who has had a long, miserable, and at times severely debilitating journey with Lyme's Disease, felt a little better for the day.

The weather was absolutely perfect-- for being such a bipolar weather month in Wisconsin, it really was the ideal May day... warm but not scorching, and (wonder of wonders) not a drop of rain.

- The Maid of Honor's speech.  My dear friend Heidi recounted, to my horror, my former days of staunchly "preaching" 1 Corinthians 7 and singleness for the mission field.  I'd stuck a sign on our dorm room that said, among other things, "As for me and my dorm, we will not text boys."  When Heidi and my roommates discovered that I "liked a boy" and was in fact guilty even of texting him, they had ripped the sign into little pieces and stuck it all over my desk...

- My awesome, crazy, wonderful Uncle Rick (gnarliest busker at places like Arts Alive! in Humboldt Country, Nor Cal) and his legendary 'stache not only made it to the wedding, but fulfilled the years-long dream that he might be able to bring his accordian and place during the reception. 

- Along those lines...the song from "Fiddler on the Roof" and being lifted up in the air on our chairs during said accordian-playing-- did NOT know that was going to happen!

- The cake fight. That was great.

- The motorcycle getaway. We love our motorcycle ride dates.

And just to add one more fave.... Joey is an amazing artist who hand crafts and repurposes all sorts of industrial pieces. He made Christy's ring....out of melded silver and GUITAR string...


 I'm so thankful for the friendship made with Joey + Christiana and am honored to have been trusted with their precious, precious day. Here are some final thoughts from the Kuhlows regarding their experience with LKM. Excuse the shameless horn-tooting. Or embrace it....because I sure do. It's the stuff of survival in this industry.

Q. What were you looking for in a photographer?

A. Good quality pictures with modern composition. I had been following Laura's pictures for a long time and didn't even consider anyone else!

Q. What was your experience with LKM's customer service?

A. It was great! She flew all the way out to Wisconsin to accommodate for our wedding, and worked with us taking our engagement pictures the day after our wedding. Laura always stayed happy with us through all the stresses and was phenomenal at helping us feel relaxed and comfortable with her during the shoots. It was a great privilege to have a friend shooting our wedding :)

Q. What were 3 highlights of having LKM shoot your wedding?

A. The easy laughs. Always comfortable (no awkwardness). Phenomenal pictures and albums for a great price!

Q. How did your pictures turn out? What were your favorite things about them?

A. Pictures turned out great :) I like when pictures look phenomenal without looking fake. I know a lot of editing took place to get the pictures where they are, but the end result still looks very natural with no awkward effects that distract from the content of each picture. (woo hoo!)


I hope this year has been rich and beautiful and mind-blowing and extravagantly full of His mercy and joy. | LKM