Destination Weddings

Tim + Jenna | Deserty Lovin' and a Fiesty Dancer | Tanque Verde Guest Ranch Engagement Session


Tim & Jenna were from Tucson but lived in Phoenix and were getting married in Cancun. They had seen some of our wedding pictures styled by Margarita Potts via her instagram feed with her team at I Do Hair & Makeup Artistry and reached out for prices and a quote for the whole shibang: storytelling in Tucson and following them to Cancun.....we coulnd't say "yes please" fast enough. :) 

Jenna cared most about being natural, clean light, real emotion and bright colors. She liked light and liked wine and she knew how to strut some heals like a gazelle across the jagged rocks of the Sonoran desert (hats off lady). Tim...well, he was skeptical. An email following the session read, "Tim just told! that was actually kind of fun and way better than i expected." (*laughing*... #nailed it. I'll go for "kinda fun" from any tough cookie who'd rather be chill than posed or passed off as a schmuck. I get you sir. I don't want you lookin' schmuckly either.) 

So they drove to Tucson, grabbed a room at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch and I met them there to talk wedding details, frolick about in the desert, drink some wine, navigate a few sweetheart moments, get them comfortable with my style -- expressing their affection-- (not difficult) and got to know each other. Here are a few highlights! :)

(P.S. we are sharing highlights from their destination wedding in Cancun tomorrow on the blog! Stop back by!)

Balboa Inn Newport Beach California Wedding | Rainbow Ambrosia Dress + Birds of Paradise

Joshua & Joyce knew that wrangling family for their wedding was going to be tricky. So they hijacked an evening during their family reunion this summer and made sure it happened. The day was low key and casual with a few sprinkles that made it special. Her dress was handmade by a dear friend with dye-tipped ends and led lights sewn in to surprise guests as the sunset. Balboa Inn was the historical venue where all pre-gaming and prep happened. The gazebo across the street had been reserved and up until ceremony time, guests were welcome to lounge on the beach, enjoy barbecue and leisurely engage till vow time. Here are a few highlights from the day :) 

Unique Wedding Rehearsal Dinner on a Paddle Boat | Taylor Falls, Minnesota Wedding | The "Day Before" Session

Caleb and Heidi's rehearsal dinner go down as hands-down, the most jaw-droppingly scenic. :) Uniquely so, the soon-to-be-weds decided to book Taylor Falls Scenic Boat Tours and treat their close friends and family to their favorite meal (thanksgiving themed!) on an incredibly beautiful June summer day while playing couple trivia, swapping memories,  enjoying their college and missionary kid reunions. The evening was glowy and the joy and eager anticipation ofthe next day's promises were palpable....

bahaha. found this fun "behind the scenes" gem being excited about being on a river, in the mountains, with a bunch of missionary kid friends on a boat called "The Princess" and wondering which state I was in :) 

Turkey Hill Farm Engagement Session | Portland, Maine | Chris + Megan

Chris & Megan are getting married tomorrow! Makayla and I flew into Boston last night and drove up to Portland Maine this afternoon to meet up with the soon-to-be-weds to grab a sweetheart session to just connect and laugh and diffuse and help get them familiar with direction and posing and not posing and just enjoying each other in front of the camera. And... before we even started Makayla and I just looked at each other and nodded, "they are going to be PERFECTLY FINE tomorrow..." :D 

FEATURED WEDDING | John + Lauren Destination Wedding | Bisbee, Arizona

John + Lauren's small destination wedding in Bisbee, Arizona is being featured on INTIMATE WEDDINGS this week! is the #1 go-to wedding site for planning a small wedding! Go here to see the full feature! 

Go HERE to see the rest of the feature and HERE to see some of the behind the scenes story :)

Some sweet words from the bride: We hired Laura K. Moore of LKM Photography to capture the whole day, and we wanted to truly enjoy seeing our guests and enjoy our time with them, without seeing a bunch of cameras instead of their faces! It was great and I felt like our guests were really present with us, in every moment instead of being distracted by phones and cameras. And can I just give a shout out to my photographer Laura?! She is AMAZING! She caught moments that I don’t think anyone else even noticed. She is a true artist. Hands down the best wedding photographer out there! She blended herself right in and it didn’t feel like we were at a photo shoot. She made sure we kept the intimate vibe flowing throughout the entire day. // Thank you so much John + Lauren!! Congrats on the feature!

LKM is in the Philippines!

so this is happening today....


ANNOUNCING: LKM STUDIOS, a new Associate and a letter that started it all....

So it's time. We're making it official. Laura K Moore Photography is growing. We'd like to introduce you to a part of LKM that is going to be a bit of a game-changer. I'm beside myself--completely, utterly stoked. 

Here is a little bit of history...

photo by Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

photo by Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

Back in October 2014 LKM had reached it's ceiling. We had capped out in availability and were turning down weddings and sessions due to limited availability and personal capacity.

photo by   Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

photo by Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

At the same time I had seen a local photographer's work sprinkle across my facebook feed and I'd swoon. He could deliver these epic shots in weddings that were breathtaking. I wanted to watch him work though. In my book of humble standards, quality of image must not trump the quality of client experience. Could he connect, direct, develop rapport, maintain trust, make his clients laugh? So when Trevor Crosby asked me to second shoot with him I took the opportunity to watch him work..... And his couple laughed. The bridal party was comfortable. The guys were at ease. He covered the story and everybody hugged him and his amazing assistant (cough) wife at the end of the night. SOLD. :)

photo by   Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

photo by Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

So then we talked. I asked him what he loved most about photography. What part of the process of being a business owner resonated most and what did not. I had remembered, in times past, conversations about back-end stuff not being favorite -- the marketing, blogging, contract writing, etc. I grinned. This entire last year has been a calculated process of developing a succinct backend workflow process that can help us be more on our game. We've also been researching different modes of marketing that resonate most with our local and destination audiences. We have been watching the trends and meeting with vendors and asking questions about industry trends and tools. And folks, we are still in the midst of a maturing stage, but it was time to sit in front of this photographer whom I had grown to respect and ask him a big question...would you be willing to be part of LKM STUDIOS.


We talked more. A lot. Multiple occasions. He was intuitive and cautious but we were both beginning to get excited. And finally we found ourselves, with our spouses, facing a contract. Here is the opening to the contract--a letter of anticipation and thankfulness to Trevor:

photo by   Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

photo by Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS


Respected magic-maker, craft-developer, artist and friend, 

You have been asked to be part of LKM Studios because of your expertise in technical artistry, ease of communication, gracious demeanor, love for the craft and love for people. I hope and pray that this is only the beginning of something both life-giving and incredibly fun and rewarding for both of us. 

photo by   Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

photo by Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

I anticipate a lot of laughter and excitement. I anticipate a sense of “team” that attracts people to our brand. I anticipate camaraderie, brainstorming, dreaming, challenging, sharing, bearing burdens and encouraging each other. 

I am pumped.

I am nervous.

I am giddy with ambition and tangible possibility.

photo by   Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

photo by Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

But first and foremost…I am honored that you are willing to come and shoot for LKM STUDIOS. I am proud to have you part of this team! 


Laura K Moore

Executive Photographer & CEO

photo by   Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

photo by Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

So this is our preliminary announcement.... we will be rolling out a few more details and 'the way things will be' regarding this LKM STUDIOS thing and probably a few with FAQs and sassy answers. For right now, here are 3 clarifying points:

- I, Laura, am still shooting, just capping my number of weddings and portraits each month.

- Trevor is now an LKM photographer. His name will still be attached to his work and he will still be sharing highlights of his work but his clients are LKM couples and his work under the LKM Studios logo.

- Our goal is to not diminish his work nor reduce the the high quality and energy of the LKM brand. We also aim to serve our clients well, offer more options and availability, and will strive to strengthen a comprehensive portfolio as 2 photographers sharpen each other! CHEERS! | LKM

photo by   Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

photo by Trevor Crosby | LKM STUDIOS

So this is Trevor. And his serious face....


and this is Trevor, one of his precious dogs Marty, and his silly lighthearted self. :) 


Welcome to the LKM team Trevor!

LKM in SEDONA | "Behind the Scenes"

updated our behind the scenes blog today! a few highlights about last month's trip to Sedona for a shnazzy bridal show! click picture below!

me, nicky and corrie (#lkmwooteam) celebrating one of the best bridal shows we've ever done! 

me, nicky and corrie (#lkmwooteam) celebrating one of the best bridal shows we've ever done! 

John + Lauren | A Vintage Private Affair | Destination Wedding | Bisbee, Arizona

John + Lauren // Hosterman Wedding Story

So there is this tiny little historical mining town in the middle of Arizona called Bisbee. It feels straight off of a Hollywood studio set. The aged brick, old signage, red rock set against ivy-covered vintage inns--I was so intrigued. The moment you drive into the narrow roads you are transplanted into this vibe of a vintage city....I'm gonna let the bride, Lauren, take the story from here.


Bisbee is our favorite place to go. It's where we fell in love, where we got engaged, and it was the perfect place to start our lives together. We loved that you can really see a lot of Bisbee in these photos. They capture the essence of this quirky little town!

Meanwhile, John waited to be led downstairs where he would meet his bride...

VENDOR SHOUT OUT // I have to just make a shout-out to my make up artist, Wendy Fiallo, of Wendy Rae Makeup Artistry worked with me for months prior to the big day. During my makeup trial she put my mind at ease and made me so excited about my big day. She is hands down the BEST makeup artist I know. Book her for your makeup for any event. She'll make you look so beautiful and glamorous!

I loved, loved, loved how personal Laura made each photo time...She truly cared about the little details and the moments with the bride and groom...I loved having this "first look".

the girls loved being girly...

Lauren: I'm so glad John and I decided to see each other prior to the ceremony. Those few moments that we had alone really were special and I loved the photos that were captured. Also, getting to take a majority of our pictures before the ceremony really cut down on the time we were away from guests during the reception. Our whole family kept telling us after the wedding how fun taking pictures was! This is something I've never heard before! I've been to weddings and I've always hated waiting around for pictures. Laura made the entire process so much fun though and everyone enjoyed it! 

People made their way upstairs to the private level of Cafe Roka where the small, intimate ceremony took place

I loved getting away with Laura and my groom during the cocktail hour. We feel like Laura really captured the essence of the wedding and of Bisbee in our shoot. When I look at the pictures, I feel like I'm reliving each moment over and over again. 

Laura was so spontaneous! She saw opportunities for great photos and took them...After a few moments of images in the streets of Bisbee, Laura turned and asked if we wanted to take an extra 10-15 minutes to get some even better shots and drive to the outskirts of Bisbee for some last memories....and it was SO worth it! 

We have to take moment for a solid shout out to the entire staff at Cafe Roka! Fred Miller, the banquet manager at Cafe Roka, worked with me for 7 months on every single tiny detail of our ceremony and reception. There were countless emails that he replied. Room measurements he took, menu changes, photos he sent... all of the effort he put in made us feel so at ease with having our wedding at Roka.

Rod, the owner and chef at Cafe Roka, was also a freaking rock star! The day before the wedding, we showed up to decorate and he bent over backwards to ensure everything got set up the way we wanted. He fed us his 5 star food for lunch and dinner the day before the big day AND made the most incredible food for our reception. Our guests kept gushing over how amazing the food was. I've never seen so many to go boxes being used at a wedding before! No one wanted to waste any of the deliciousness! Also, the wait staff at Cafe Roka took care of our guests so well. Huge thank you to them!

John + Lauren, thank you for inviting me into this sliver of your to capture a collection of memories that will be on your walls and in your hearts for the rest of your lives!  You guys are pretty darn special yourselves! | LKM


prep location: Letson Loft Hotel // ceremony & reception location: Cafe Roka // wedding dress: Norman's Bridal // bride's shoes: Dillards // flower girl dresses: Dillard's // make up rtist: Wendy Rae Makeup Artistry // hair: Erica DeFevers // photography: Laura K. Moore Photography

Seth + Joelle | A Pacific NorthWest Wedding Affair

Seth Weisser + Joelle Miller  // Astoria Oregon

The Weisser wedding was off the hook this summer. Oregon hosted LKM well. If you missed the OREGON feature in general about the whole Pacific Northwest Journey in June, Go Here. 


First there was this city of Astoria. A historical little city up on the northern coast of Oregon that sits so simply. 

Here is Seth + Joelle's wedding story as told by Joelle...

With a bridal party of nine it takes a very generous salon to provide space and Champaign for all- and we found the perfect one! Prep time was so fun. The first time in a week I let my mind forget about everything that needed to be done and just let it sink it that it was my wedding day. My wedding day!

After the beautification process, Seth and I finally got to see one another. It was actually Laura who convinced us of the benefits of a first look while discussing photography plans. THANK YOU! That time, those moments just between us on our wedding day are some of our favorite moments. We met on "our bridge". The bridge we had first found late at night on a rainy and cold walk before we were dating- I was so taken with it, and with Seth, and then he asked me to dance. Months after he asked me to be his girlfriend in the same spot, and later set up a beautiful proposal, and then we got to share our first moments together on our wedding day on that bridge as well!

The wedding party joined us after- pictures in the breezy, chilly air were so much fun. One of my favorite, favorite things of all the wedding details were how my bridesmaids looked. Curls, pearls, neutral colors, and darling shoes on all my best friends made me so happy! 

A growing most FAVORITE thing with couple's who choose to do a FIRST LOOK, is the amount of time you can have with family BEFORE the wedding. It is relaxed. People aren't waiting on you. The Weisser and Miller clan was an enormous group of people who were hilarious and spread out all over the country save weddings of siblings and friends they get to come to. So this picture time was precious. We hung out. We laughed. We was a great prelude to ceremony time...

The ceremony is almost a blur, but a beautiful one! Standing in front of most everyone you love and proclaiming your love for each other, and for the Lord, is a beautiful thing. We kept saying beforehand that we wanted people to know that we loved Jesus first, that he was the reason for us, and we had so many of our guests tell us just that. Such an answer to prayer! Our vows were a highlight. Honest words from our fragile hearts of just how much we love and want to serve the other, and serve with the other, for the rest of our lives. It was beautiful to hear and to share. I know keep those words in my bible and read them so often!

After the ceremony, Seth & Joelle took some time to be alone and take some pretty authentic lovely pictures up in the hills and suburbs of Astoria.

 The reception was a fantastic party! So many people came from all over the country to celebrate! 

We rode away on bicycles- in true Oregonian style! The bikes were ones that Seth had bought from second hand stores and restored himself. Riding away in clouds of sparkly confetti was like magic for me, but Seth recalls being pelted in the face with those confetti clouds and falling behind me on the ride. That cool air felt incredible!


Location: Astoria Event Center // MUAH: Salone Boheme // Bride's Dress: David's Bridal // Groomsmen Outfits: Express // Flowers: Costco