Tucson Botanical Gardens | Ng Family Portraits

It's almost Father's Day and this dad's interaction with his daughters were some of my most favorites taken all year. It was my first time shooting in Tucson Botanical Gardens and I could barely contain my excitement. It was pretty darn dreamy. And with these girls so bright eyed and bright colored, it was a pretty special session experience.

Here is the NG family. Full of joy and such a gentle, patient family. 

Downtown Tucson Urban Family Photographer | Appleman Family

This family is so much fun. 2 years ago we did family pictures in a more earthy setting (go here to see that family portrait session at Agua Caliente. Boy have those girls grown since!) So this time around they chose to go urban, fun natural. And boy oh boy, did those little girls crank up the charm! Scott and (whom he affectionately calls) his "Appleman Chicklets" just giggled a whole bunch. I pretty much want to print a HUGE version of that picture of their whole family laughing at each other in the alley. Like Kitchen-Table Huge. Hear that Janice? K, good.  | lkm

Christman Family | Tiburon, California | Bay Area Portrait Photographer

tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0002{Christman Family | Mill Valley, Town of Tiburon,  Bay Area Family Portrait Photographer} This precious little family was a joy to hang out with. I have NEVER worked so hard in my LIFE to get two little girls to 'stay with me' and 'stay happy'. Props to my two assistants who were on full-blown joy overload for the 2 hours we spent together! We frolicked. We chased pigeons. We raced. We changed activities about 5 million times to keep everybody on their toes. The mist was thick. The town was quiet. And this family let me watch them be a family for a couple hours. It was a pretty epic afternoon. tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0008tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0005tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0006we sipped tea in front of boutiques. if ever there were a middle name for this town, it would most certainly be "la ti da".tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0009our stage #2 of Operation: 'Keep Little Ones Stoked' (about pictures) was staged back at Golden Gate Theological Seminary where this family has been for several years. I hope these pictures are full of nostalgia. These girls have swung on these swings since they could sit up straight. It's often the little things; the little places with the biggest memories ya know? tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0017 tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0018 tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0020tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0019i just love this black and white below...tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0021and then finally, i had to mention i got adam to give me a bona fide frolick. best. moment. ever.tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0011though the image below might be my most top favoritetiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0012tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0013tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0015and then I politely and ever so gently asked this mildly reserved couple to just give me a few moments...some sweet, married tenderness. and indeed...mommy and daddy still are crazy about each other :)tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0016oh! and one last final little note from this beautiful momma...tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0022they are most definitely expecting #3....and this is their announcement picture. i'll translate. 1 +1+1=5. :) tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0014Dear friends, thank you for trusting me with these memories! Mill Valley, in all its mystery and lovely dew, was a wonderful place to shoot in for the first time! Thank you for introducing me to the town of Tiburon; "San Francisco's Best Kept Secret" and, more importantly, your little girls. I hope these are treasures for years to come :) | LKM


i'm alive :)

My dear friends. Blog followers. Creepy stalkers whom i don't even know. I've been dormant for a while. Or so you might think from my blog activity these past couple months. (chuckle)...don't be deceived. This July I have blocked off the entire month to alive; recuperate from my intense month of June shooting in California. I actually get a birthday. Tomorrow I get to kiss my husband's face off--6 years worth. Woah. (Love that man.:) I am reorienting my family into a routine. My kids are loving me for it. Figuring out what normal is harder that it seems. Kindergarden starts in 2 weeks and i don't even WANT to go there right now. (double woah) and I have enough editing to last me till the fall (which it won't. because that' be rude and excruciating for my clients...*facepalm*...i just won't sleep. ever. that's all) I just wanted to say hi. hello. I blog to prove that i'm actually doing work. I blog also to tell the stories behind my pictures which are apparently a pretty cool thing and makes a whole mess of people want to continue looking at pretty pictures of strangers. Like it's an experience or something. I also blog so google analytics like me cuz, ya know, I kinda run a business. I also blog to give a peak into my life too. Sometimes even the gnitty gritty. Haven't done much of that recently. But i'm looking forward to more of that in the near future...though, currently it's trumped by twiterpated newlyweds and sparkly wedding days, handsome seniors,  and beautiful families. While I need to get back to editing, here are three of my most favorite faces in the whole world. they are my heart. my world. and possibly (very very likely) the cause for my plummeting blogging track record.  Alas, everybody and THEIR mommy remind me it's worth it. So I guess I'll keep em. ;) | night. | lkm

p.s. if you want to keep up with my life and pictures in better 'real time' status, you can follow me on facebook: (1) BUSINESS: (2) PERSONAL: (3) INSTAGRAM: laurakmoorephotography (4) twitter: laurakmoore | see ya on the flip sideMonrovia_Family_Portrait_Photography_Laura-k-Moore_0004

[untitled] | personal

{ Judah & Jordyn | one radon day in april | Tucson, AZ | April 2012} I found a grip of family pictures in my abyss of 'personal pictures to edit later' stash. Lawson snagged these few while on a daddy-date with the kids a few months ago. The picture above of my daughter, Jordyn, makes me smile. This chick is SO girl--neither Lawson or I can  get over it. (note--she went through three outfits before being content with the below. destination? a walk around the block with dad. (roll of the eyes). Judah is equally all boy. And while sometimes the differences between both of my children can spark explosive results, they are in a pretty rad 'he's my favorite playmate' stage. Judah protects her. Jordyn streches him to be more daring. They squabble. They wrestle. They giggle their brains out. For all you moms of ONE out there--having TWO is SO much easier. So much more fun. :D I know. Weird. You can choke on your drink if you'd like thinking i'm crazy. But i'm not joking....It just MAKES sense to see them grow together. Learn together. Resolve fights together. Now THREE...(gulp) that might be another story. and in three+ months. my tune might just change a little...for now, i'm embracing all there is in a growing quiver. :) | lkm

DILKS Pt. 1 | Proudly Patriotic | Tucson Family Photographer

  {Dilks Family Portrait Session | June 2012 | Davis-Monthan Air Force Base | Tucson, AZ} Mariby found me online as she 'searched the snot' (slight paraphrase of how she described her photographer hunt) for a family portrait photographer. I had yet to shoot on base and was THRILLED to hear of her different ideas with red, white and blue and her desire to capture her little girl's 1st year. Both Mariby & Ken beam with pride to be an air force family! | lkm

Best Mother's Day Ever | personal

 {Saguaro/Colossal Cave National Park  | Mothers Day 2012} God is so good. It's taken a pretty incredible 4 years to get to this point of celebrating Mommy Day 2012. I won't hash out the heart struggles today. I just wanted to share something personal today--my joy in my family. These are my 2 children. I'm pregnant with #3. (sadly we failed to get any baby bump can whine at me later - i just look mostly fluffy anyways.)Lawson suggested we find a place to go hike with the kids. So weird how he reads my mind sometimes. Ive been wanting to check out Saguaro National Park the past few weeks (confession: yes there was an alternative motive that was work-oriented. I've been craving to find some crazy awesome Tucson backdrops for portraits...and yes also, I confess I tend to pronounce it SAG WAR OH. laugh and call me gringo. do it. I dare you)Lawson snagged some great accent shots of desert stuff. the kids haven't been hiking since last summer. I've said it before and i'll say it a thousand times henceforth--the older they get the more fun it is to do stuff like this! Jordyn was so thrilled with the freedom of treking on her own two feet. :D Judah was a little obsessed with stepping on snakes. Dad, in all his mighty warning wisdom, told the kids to be 'careful of snakes'...Judah freaked a little and we had to coax him a little to be brave and trudge forward...carefully.   they pretended to hunt for tigers in these tall you can clearly see, Judah was a very committed tiger the end of our trek in the desert, you could tell we had run our little munchkins raggedwhile resting back in the picnic area Lawson went to go destroy a dead tree with Judah. While ripping off the bark Jordyn was about to thrust herself upon the trunk and try to scale the darn thing. I heard this very fatherly yell, whipped around to find Lawson swopping the kids up and backing up about 10 feet from the tree. Apparently he found a spider cluster. I think he attempted to protect his manhood by insisting it might have been a brown recluse nest. What a hero. we also had a grand time catching this lil lizard and helping the kids get friendly with it. Judah was pretty sure he was going to lose a limb but still giggled hysterically when he got to feel the poor thing's racing heartbeat. all in all, it was my most favorite mother's day thus far. definitely beat's last year's lonely experience and watching these spawn of mine grow and change rocked my face off. So to sign off...this is them, my offspring, yelling 'happy mommy day' at the top of their lungs. :D Peace. | lkm

Child's Play in Tucson | personal

 {Judah + Jordyn | Play Time | January 2012} I found a few pictures snagged while kids were playing outside a bit ago. Lately i've been enjoying these play times more. They're hilarious...they really like to play 'dead' that morbid? It's pretty entertaining regardless. they'll just fall down and then whisper vigorously--"pssst. moooom. i'm D E A D" - with great gutteral grunts and moans. :)...(do note that even buzz lightyear died)this whole conversation he had on the phone was hilarious. he was pissed. like royally. and he kept saying things in a nice even tone that got more and more stressed until he was yelling. he must have been dealing with credit card collectors or something.