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Park Ave + Winter Park Engagement Session | Kyle + Megan Love Story Session Pt 1

kyle-megan-orlando-park-ave-kraft-azalea-garden-engagement-session 42.jpg

I was drawn to Laura's previous work with its dreamy posed shots and lively candids. Once I reached out to her, Laura showed a genuine excitement to shoot our wedding in Winter Park. We instantly clicked over the phone. She took interest in Kyle's and my story, and wanted to document our engagement and wedding--her first in Central Florida! ~ Megan, Bride

Megan + Kyle wanted their engagement session in Orlando to be classy, shnazzy but personal and authentic.  Kyle is a chef and culinary teacher and Megan is Rollins College Associate Event Director. With their refined taste and Megan's acute sense of planning, we were able to meet for coffee the morning of their session, cover a few details, talk timeline, catch up on a bit of their love story and prep for the evening's engagement session around winter park. We grabbed a few casual shots with their fur baby in the rain in the courtyard of Barnie's Kitchen and then reconvened a few hours later all gussied up and ready to strut their stuff in Winter Park. Shout out to Armando's for graciously letting us get cozy in their classy restaurant and messin' with their wine glasses. 

“We had several highlights with LKM and they started at our engagement photo shoot. I highly recommend arranging one prior to the wedding so you can get to know your photographer and learn how to pose you and your partner's bodies for the best shots. Laura took us under her wing, and by the end of that day, we were completely in sync with each other!” ~ Megan + Kyle

We couldn't have asked for a classier couple to be our very first #LKMorlando lovebirds! Thank you so much! See PART TWO of their engagement session in Kraft Azalea Garden's here! 


Hi! If you are newly engaged, take note! LKM has officially launched LKM in Orlando! We are providing wedding and engagement session packages for Central Florida couples at no extra travel cost! It is our new travel hub -- our new place of adventure and plan to be out once every fall/winter and spring and summer seasons! Inquire HERE to check on dates for our next Orlando visit! 

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Texture Tuesday | Blurry night-practice pool lights

 {Texture | Blurry-ized image of pool lights while shooting the Knights Swim Team in Ocala, Florida | October 2011} I'm a huge fan of Trever Hoehne's work. I love the tones and consistent rich brand that characterizes his work. I went to school with the guy. Didn't know him very well. He did help me navigate my first DSLR 4 days before my first wedding shoot. That was cool. Nerve wrecking. But his 5 minute hands-on impromptu explanation of ISO and Aperture and Shutter Speed saved my rear for that wedding. (I know. Bizarre. The backwards way I've learned photography is not something I brag about.) He did a really cool series of art called Blurry Things that made me see the color and fun and art in photography. His stuff was stuff I'd put on my walls. And it made me want to shoot some of my own stuff that I'd be excited about and say, 'hey look! I shot this at a random swim team practice, messed with a few things, broke a few rules, played with it later...and it came out cool!" Thank you Trever for continuing to crank out sweet beauty and raising the bar. Often.| lkm

McPhilipps Family & Co. | Romeo, Florida | Family Portrait Photographer

{McPhilipps Family & Co | Romeo, Florida | October 2011} Everybody has personality. Some have personalities that bursts, pop, flare, sass, hit you smack in the face, chase you off, draw you near and dear and even makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm sure that is an official title of some cool pyscho-assessing book somewhere in the world. If i were to write a personality book, I'd use these images and the offspring from this little pod to provide case in points. No kidding. When you get a bushel-full of whiz, bang, pow, beat em' up kinda  boys and a heaping cup o' girly squeals--you'd have to! But don't take my word for it...

(above) check out that smokin' gun and that snarl. can't beat that face. :)  cousin lovin'  (below) this would be, hands down, my first choice for the cover of my book  such sweet little facesthe marshland was eating him...and he had just broken his cool stickbig bro and his sneaky little spit fire of a wingman :)a mini mommy&me moment more cousin lovin'i want this whole cousin series framed :) Rikki, you scored such a cool backdrop with those huge oak trees and praise JESUS he sent those golden sun beams just for you and aaron at that last minute. :) McPhilipps & Richardsons... I am so glad I got to snag such a fun collection of memories for your 2011! Thank you so much for getting all dressed up and cozy with family, for trusting me, and definitely for letting the kids whip out all their tricks for the most fun batch of faces, energy and personality i 'er did see! Happy 2012. I can't wait for next years!! ;-)

Halloween in Vogt Springs of Dunnellon, Florida | Holiday Memories Pt.1

{My 2 Black Eyed Pees in a Pod | Dunnellon, Florida | Halloween Memories 2011} I just choked on my gum when i realized that i had never posted pictures from Halloween this year. In fact, i haven't posted anything really personal in a while. So instead of putting it off and just letting them sit in my 'cool pictures the dummy never posted,' I thought I'd spill a few inside scoops of the Moore Clan's holiday experiences. And we're going to start with my FAVORITE holiday of all: Halloween. (insert sarcasm) The best part, hands down, however, was the costumes. Judah & Jordyn were 2 Black Eyed Pees in a Pod...

My cousin-in-law, Rikki the Creative Genius (her official name I've decided) made her kid's own costumes. Check these out...Grace was a peacock. SO cool...Ryland was a dragon...isn't that SO stinkin' creative?! I mean, she used a flippin' swimming NOODLE for the dragon spine. high five mom, high five.Kayden was a stellar mummy...No. Halloween is NOT my favorite holiday nor is Trick-or-Treating the best activity i've ever thought to do with my kids. I was quite confident that i'd turn around while wandering around Vogt Springs and have to peel Judah from underneath the belly-side of the wagon he was riding in. I mean, toddlers are just barely beginning to imagine and create stories and characters in their head when all of sudden you toss 'em into a good community neighborhood event that involves zombies slobbering over 'welcome' signs and horrific screams coming from half-closed tombs in spider-web infested, smoke-spewing front yards. I'd pee my pants too. But regardless of this highly-opinionated mom's perspective of the festivities, the Richardson Twins stole a bazillion double-takes as they confidently strolled down the street side by side...The kids ate it up! All of it. Literally--completely taken with the idea of shoving their faces full of candy. The one night a year, i'm sure, that all mom's throw concerns of teeth, bedtime and a 2 foot tall human being's ability to contain a pound of sugar to the wind. 'Sure kid! Eat Up! You and your pillow-padded tummy and smeared black eye-liner are too cute to say no to. I'll clean up your vomit later."The suckers were the best part of it all. Judah and Jordyn had 10. i'm sure. And half of them ended up half-eaten and oozing at the bottom of their pumpkin pails. It was awesome. The next morning we picked apart the 'un-oozed' candy from the 'oozed and destroyed' wads of cavities-cough-i mean, treats. Ok. Aside from the left-hook sassy remarks about Halloween, I actually had a good time watching the kids experience the whole thing. It was a treat to spend time with cousins and do Halloween in 'Vogt Springs' style. Small town neighborhood events like these are special--everybody knows everybody else. I like being able to walk down a street and wave and talk to everybody i see. Of course i try to do that wherever i go, but apparently Tucson has yet to warm up to that over-zealous friendliness. :)

Anyways, thank you RICHARDSONS for the treat of an experience AND the treats that are rotting in my kids faces. (not really) I'm gonna treasure these pictures forever. :D | lkm

And if you so feel like getting in on the memory fun, post a link to your Halloween Memories post below!...

Josh + Sarah | Engagement Session | Dunnellon, FL | Florida Wedding Photographer

Sarah & Josh are getting married next May and I had the ripe privilege of shooting their engagement pictures while in Central Florida last month. According to Sarah's mom, there is WAY too much kissing going on in these pictures. But I'm pretty sure Sarah just nodded and say, 'Yup! It's perfect.' Sarah & Josh, thank you so much  for letting me hang out with you two for an afternoon, get up 'in your business', ask you to smooch more often than might be healthy, and all that stuff that makes me smile about my job. We're just gonna have check and see if we get to hang out again...oh, like say, next May?! ;)

John + Angie | 10.22.11 | Dunnellon, FL | Florida Wedding Photography

I have never met a man who smiles as much as John Webb does. That grin is so notorious that it even made the best man's speech. Furthermore, he makes his new bride laugh more than I can stand. (audible giggle) And no joke, my face hurts due to the goofy ear-to-ear grin I had while editing these wedding highlights. So so thankful I got to be a part of their day! Below is a lil' slideshow of their wonderfulness. Click HERE to visit their online gallery to view/purchase pictures! :)

photocrati gallery

John + Angie | Engagement | Ocala, Florida

{John & Angie | Engagement Session | October 2010 | Dunnellon, FL} These two are gettin' hitched today and I'm stinkin' excited to be a part of their day! :D I'm bringing my camera for broll but otherwise actually get to be a guest this time! I might even get to hit the dance floor! yehaw! | lkm

Richardsons & Co. | Dunnellon Pumpkin Patch

{Richardsons & Co | Dunnellon, FL Pumpkin Patch | 10.15.2011}

Traipsin' through the pumpkin patches with this crew was overwhelming (cough) i mean, fantastic! lol Dunnellon apparently takes it's pumpkin pickin' quite seriously. It's patch stretches for ACRES and includes a sunflower patch, hay ride, hay slides and a cluster of fall activities for more kid fun. The Richardson clan strutted they wild and wonderful antics as they snatched up their favorite pepo.