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Daniel + Katlyn | Coronado Island Beach Engagement Session

Coronado-Engagement 13.jpg

Laura is an absolute gem to work with! She is so full of passion for her art of photography and breathes life into the images she takes. Not only does she have an eye for capturing the tender and fun moments but she allows you to feel so at ease and truly just enjoy the experience. She does an excellent job of giving clear direction so you know where to look, place your hands, smile, etc. It is undeniable that she has so much experience as she makes the whole shoot feel effortless. My fiancé and I couldn’t stop laughing (we are pretty silly) and she was right there laughing at/with us and making us feel completely ourselves. The pictures she captured for our engagement are moments that we will treasure forever. We cannot wait to have her there to celebrate our wedding day and see just how magical and special she will make it!! ~ Katelyn, Bride

Balboa Inn Newport Beach California Wedding | Rainbow Ambrosia Dress + Birds of Paradise

Joshua & Joyce knew that wrangling family for their wedding was going to be tricky. So they hijacked an evening during their family reunion this summer and made sure it happened. The day was low key and casual with a few sprinkles that made it special. Her dress was handmade by a dear friend with dye-tipped ends and led lights sewn in to surprise guests as the sunset. Balboa Inn was the historical venue where all pre-gaming and prep happened. The gazebo across the street had been reserved and up until ceremony time, guests were welcome to lounge on the beach, enjoy barbecue and leisurely engage till vow time. Here are a few highlights from the day :) 

Los Angeles Celebrity Engagement Session | Potato Mountain, Claremont | Jeff Campanella & Emily Weprich


So now that the TV SHOW has aired, i can share the backstory about a cool unprecedented opportunity we had earlier this month! A few weeks ago Warner Bros. called and asked to use an engagement picture in one of their episodes of MAJOR CRIMES. My client, Jeff, had landed a role on the show and part of the story line involved a fictional fiance. They asked if he had any recent sweetheart pictures and voila! LKM got the call asking for a few high res images to use in their fake mock up of a wedding site, we negotiated release, copyright limitations, usage and and the episode aired on TNT this past Wednesday! It's a 2 second clip (i'me efficient with my 5 minutes of fame ;D). Watched it in my pjs last night with a surreal thankfulness for cool opportunities and exposure! Check out  Season 4 Episode 10 Here :) 

So in other details that are highly more important and not nearly as narcissitic... Jeff & Emily are a riot. Highschool sweethearts. An actor. A fitness model. Vegans. Lovers. Laughers. 

I'm delighted to be trusted with capturing a piece of their love story during this season.

This session was set in this crazy random hole in a hill called Potato Mountain in the Claremont foothills of Southern California. We hung out in the last few rays of sunbeams, reached a few inner childs (yes i know that is not grammatically correct), and got to know each other. Having shot their family reunion several months prior, I had only seen slivers of Jeff's erratic (cough) goofy side and Emily's soft-spoken but eye-twinkling exuberance. Their affection is natural with longevity sprinkled all over it. :) ....



(i swear i didn't pay him to say these things)

There i was, in my pjs watching a tv show flash this sweetheart picture created by LKM STUDIOS. I was pumped. Jeff then sends a follow up email titled: "REVIEW" with the instructions: Post this. It sounds like i'm not your spokesperson but a real client. And if i couldn't get any more narcissitic, I figure sharing the review hammers in that nail for the day. 

"This is not just a photographer. This is not just a pretty face with an even prettier personality. This is a force of nature. LKM is so good, that her photographs cross into different dimensions. It's true. One of our engagement pictures from our session with Laura was so electrifying, so vibrant, that it crossed from everyday land into TV land on the famous TNT drama 'Major Crimes.' How is this even possible? How could TV characters even find out about a photographer from a different dimension? Well, once you meet this woman, you will know that she is out of this world. Hate smiling? You will love smiling after your session with Laura. Feel unsexy? Laura will make you feel so darn sexy. Don't want to show intimacy with your significant other in public? Laura will make you feel confident, playful, and grateful to be taking pictures with the love of your life. Positive, warm, talented, and fun, book your session with Laura K Moore now!" 

PT 3: Kris + Kristen | Miss USA Celebrity Garden Wedding | Simi Valley, CA

"Whenever people see our wedding pictures they always say what fun it  

While Kris & Kristen wrapped up their sunset portraits (See Here), cocktail hour was filled with sparkling champagne and excited chatter of friends and family from all over the country. The doors opened to a glittering dance hall where the wedding party performed their choreographed dance collection ending with Kris & Kristen folded into each other. People danced and laughed late into the night until sparkles guided their grand getaway.

Below is the finale of Kris+ Kristen's wedding day. If you missed part one or part two, go quick and oggle and then return for the final installment. 

And for again, because these people were huge proponents in the beauty and details of their wedding day, here is the vendor list:


Venue: The Vineyards // Hair: Emily Dawn Artistry // Make Up: Katarina Van Derham // Flowers: Laura Williams of PoppyHill Flowers // Cake: Delicious Bakery // Bridesmaid's Jewelry: Marrin Costello // Bridesmaid's Dresses: Alfred Angelo // Photographer: Laura K Moore Photography // Videographer: Janelle Perusi // Lighting & SoundDiversity Sounds DJ Services by DJ Christopher Tandy // Musical Performers: Cameron & Kelly Brier // Wedding Coordinator: Alice Issac:

PT 2: Kris + Kristen | Miss USA's Enchanted Garden Wedding | The Vineyards, Simi Valley, CA

"Seeing her walk down the aisle... it was like seeing her for the first time all over again." - Kris

If you didn't catch PART ONE of Kris & Kristen's wedding day, you probably should. Between the girl's giddiness and a super special first moment together, there was an immense amount of anticipation hanging in the air! Again, shout out to The Vineyards for being one of the most beautiful posh little garden venues I've ever seen. There is this brick path all the way down to the garden area looking up into this lush weeping willow cluster of green and life where Kristen was to meet her groom. The moments down this pathway were some of my favorites. The way the girls straightened up and walked carefully, perfectly. The way the guys stood tall. The way her mom laughed with her son and how the ring bearers were so, so very good at their job. :) And then Kristen's moments with her dad. The way his eyes glistened, the way you could audibly hear her heart pounding....and then he saw her... 

Check out the PARTAY that followed the sunbeams!


PT 1: Kris + Kristen | Miss USA's Enchanted Garden Wedding | Simi Valley, CA | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Kris + Kristen's wedding was exquisite. The details. The sparkles. The beautiful people. There was glamour. There was friendship. There were details from incredible vendors pulled from all corners to make this enchanted garden wedding happen. I'm working on a culled list of all the brilliant hands that pulled together to make this event happen! Here are a few particular details that were so special to these two...

- DETAILS: Sparkles. Sparkles and white light everywhere. Those are some of Kristen's most favorite things. Along with fairy tales, glamour, whimsy and an effort to bring an enchanted garden to life. //  FIRST MOMENT: Kris & Kristen didn't want to see each other before the wedding but they did want to give gifts and pray together before the ceremony. She gave him a treasure chest dubbed "For His Eyes Only...A Taste of What is to Come." It contained her favorite images from her luxury bridal / boudoir session we had shot a week earlier...and he gave her a precious book of memories along with a jaw-dropping aqua diamond ring. oh my incredible! // BRIDESMAIDS: All the girls were close friends and family part of the Miss USA journey. With prestigious titles, hollywood credits, modeling contracts, sough-after designers, speakers, writers... but despite all the craziness, on the day of, all eyes were on the bride. They honored her and rejoiced over her with every ounce of joy they had. // HIM: the patience and anticipation Kris showed...(swoon). His men were goofy. They laughed and sprawled out in the stellar bachelor's room. They had a few drinks. They relaxed. They bonded...But as the ceremony got near Kris donned a pair of headphones and asked for alone time. He waited quietly for the ceremony... and oh his face when he finally did see her for the first time... go HERE for part two and HERE for part three

... so here is the prelude...

Go HERE for Pt 2!


Venue: The Vineyards // Hair: Emily Dawn Artistry // Make Up: Katarina Van Derham // Flowers: Laura Williams of PoppyHill Flowers // Cake: Delicious Bakery // Bridesmaid's Jewelry: Marrin Costello // Bridesmaid's Dresses: Alfred Angelo // Photographer: Laura K Moore Photography // Videographer: Janelle Perusi // Lighting & SoundDiversity Sounds DJ Services by DJ Christopher Tandy // Musical Performers: Cameron & Kelly Brier // Wedding Coordinator: Alice Issac:

Doug + Brienne | Urban Color & Sea-Spray Sass | La Jolla Engagement Session | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Our afternoon was spent in a variety of obscure locations around San Diego. Doug & Brienne met and dated in this incredible city and wanted to tell their engagement story in its context. So there is green and there is city and there are small coffee shops with perfect views and cliffs and secluded shores with singing seals and sea-spray that glittered in the setting sun. There was laughing and twirling and snarky banter and sarcasm and arm-punches and lots of kissing and sunbeams in the middle of parking lots and chai and large over-sized trucks honking at the wardrobe changes made in the back of cars. 

I love these moments. I love the silly and the sweetness. I love that Doug & Brienne let go; relaxed, trusted, flirted, laughed and let the sun set on a pretty wonderful adventure of an afternoon. Only one of many, I. am. sure.  | LKM

Andrew + Jen | Big tree. Red Bike. Seaside Tackles. | Manhattan Beach Engagement Session

I grew up with Andrew. Him and his crazy antics and awesome laugh and free spirit--I was over the moon to meet his sweetheart who matched him (and then some) in the laughter department. Their engagement session spread out all over Los Angeles. We met first in Glendora at Big Tree Park. A place that was nostalgic for them--a frequent home of cuddles and sweet nothings. Then we ventured to Manhattan Beach where they put on their date night outfit and stepped even closer to each other. They walked along the boardwalk, danced on the pier, snuggled on life-guard stations, told stories, raced and tackled each other in the sands as the sun dipped behind the evening haze. 

I texted Andrew shortly after our session while going through images, "I think I am excited for your session for a really special reason. You guys progressively seemed to fall into each other as pictures took place. Posing gave away quickly to moments enjoying each other...and...and you look strong Andrew. You look strong and overjoyed and giddy all at the same time...and I watched as Jen leaned into that and let that happen." There is this real authenticity that I particularly love about this session... | LKM

Backyard DIY Vintage Wedding | Pasadena, Wedding | PART THREE

Jeff & Abby // Backyard Vintage DIY Wedding


The day after Jeff & Abby's wedding day they called me. I know. I was as weirded out as you are right now. What are they doing calling me the day after their wedding? Im in big trouble. I just know it.  I picked up the phone tentatively, wincing, waiting....

"Laura, we're sitting here remembering yesterday's details. And we have come down to one thing. And we needed to talk to you about it."

I'm in SUCH BIG TROUBLE. (pause)

"Well, we've just decided that our most favorite thing about the whole day was taking pictures at sunset. It was perfect. We loved it. We would have had it no other way. We would have had no other person. You were perfect." 

Speechless. Perfect. Whelp. That's as good of a customer feedback as you can possibly get. Excuse me while i beam for 3 months afterwards. Carving out time to have pictures together on your wedding day can be a super beautiful thing. Whether it's before or after the just allows for THIS kind of beauty to happen...It was the finale--the beauty after the prep. The patient lull before the evening party. The time to defuse and be alone in the foothills with sunbeams, butterflies, evening gnats and an over-zealous media cohort was bliss. 

We returned to a victory tunnel and a whole mess of eager guests ready to eat, drink and be merry!

So thankful I got to be part of this amazing day! :) | LKM

If you missed J + A's downtown pasadena engagement session go here. 

If you missed PART ONE and PART TWO of J + A's wedding day, go there.

Oh! And one last SUPER important thing....SHOUT OUT to ShaunPaulCreative (videography team) for their cinematic artistry. You can go HERE to see the final wedding video from Jeffery & Abby's wedding day. I may or may not have watched in 100 times now. 

Backyard Vintage DIY Wedding | Pasadena, California | PART TWO

Jeff & Abby // Backyard Vintage DIY Wedding


They stood back-to-back, porch door between them. The moment he grabbed her hand it was that cinematic moment where the buzz hushed, giggles muffled, mom sniffed, flower girls peaks around the corner. They giggled. They were awkward. Abby fought back tears. Jeff couldn't stop smiling. It was one of my favorite moments of their day. And the way he prayed for his bride; surrendered their expectations and their party; honored and anticipated his beloved...Guests started to trickle in and there was a cranky ring-bearer in the room, something about somebody's hair wasn't done, a mason jar broke somewhere outside, the flurry picked up once more....but something had been diffused. All was right in the world.

Abby's laughter was the centerpiece of the wedding ceremony. Jeff literally fist-pumped his way through "you may kiss the bride." Afterwards, family meandered to the front yard to catch some formal pictures followed by a good chunk of time navigating the wedding party, their ravenous hunger, the beer in mason jars, cheese and crackers, reminiscing, much. bonding. 

And then the bride and groom pulled away for their sunset session in the foothills...